Mat Classes

Our Mat classes are based along the more traditional lines of the Joseph Pilates method. We occasionally use the small props including the Chi ball, Magic Circle and Foam Roller to ensure a great workout while the instructor moves around correcting technique throughout the class.

We would encourage anyone of any ability to attend our Mat classes. Our instructors are some of the best in Adelaide and are able to adapt any exercise to any skill level. We love to fit as much as we can in to the 50 minutes, to make you leave the class at least a little sweaty!


It’s all about control, centering, breath, concentration, flow and precision.

With a maximum of 10 Clients per class we are able to ensure you are getting individual attention and all instructors are fully qualified to give any modifications to accommodate any injuries or concerns.

Each class focuses on:

  • Correcting posture
  • Strengthening the smaller muscle groups (such as the Rotator Cuff)
  • Increasing joint stability (including knees and shoulders)
  • Improving flexibility and balance


$25 Casual Class
  • 12 month expiry


$200 10 Block
  • 12 month expiry


$200 13 per month
  • Direct debit (30 day expiry)