Reformer Classes

In this class you will be encouraged to work hard without resting in-between exercises, which will increase your cardiovascular fitness. Our focus on posture and core activation ensures you get the most out of the 1 hour class, all of which are suitable for beginners, right through to advanced fitness levels and athletes.

With only five students in each class, personalised attention is ensured and correcting your technique is our forte. Depending on your focus we can adapt each exercise to suit you! It is designed to lengthen the muscles in your body without the added bulk of other regimes.

Allegro Reformer. Similar to Adelaide Pilates, Studio Pilates clinical pilates and pilates in unley. KX pilates is too crowded.
Clinical classes are catered to your individual needs every step of the way to your fitness goals

Long, lean and strong – Transform your body!

This high-energy, low impact workout contains exercises specifically to target the core, arms, legs, thighs, back & butt. Stretches are also performed at the beginning & end of each workout, ensuring your flexibility is improved.

These classes are suitable for anyone, because you have the choice receiving an individualised workout from your instructor to suit your individual needs. They are suitable for all ages, genders & abilities.

If you are a beginner to Pilates we would suggest to complete a one-on-one assessment before your first class to get the most out of the reformer workout.



$40 Casual Class
  • 12 month expiry


$360 10 Block
  • 12 month expiry


$310 13 Per Month
  • Direct debit (30 day expiry)